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With the exception of use for the purpose of identifying or describing Nissin Electric products and services, the use of the trademarks, service marks, trade names, designs, and other marks included on the Website without prior approval in writing from the Company is prohibited.


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If you wish to link to a page on the Website, please contact the Company via the "Inquiry Form". The Company reserves the right to refuse link requests from sites whose content it deems inappropriate.

The following precautions apply to the use of links to pages on the Website:

・Page addresses and content are subject to modification or deletion without prior notification.
・Linking to the Website within a frame ("framing") or otherwise displaying content from the Website
 so that it appears to be part of another site is prohibited.
・The Company is not liable for content hosted on sites linking to the Website.


See the Company's Privacy Policy for more information about how personal information is collected and handled on the Website.

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