In the Beam and Plasma Business, we apply our long nurtured high-voltage and charged particle technologies to manufacturing equipment for cutting edge products. These include ion implanters used for manufacturing semiconductors and small/medium high-definition flat panel displays (FPDs), electron beam processing systems (EPSs) used for improving the quality of automobile tires and electric wires, and fine coating services designed to improve the performance of tools and automobile parts. This business segment offers potential for future growth.

Aiming for a Sustainable Future

In the development of equipment critical for the manufacture of a wide variety of semiconductors that support social infrastructure, we are working to create equipment with a low environmental impact by eliminating harmful substances and promoting energy conservation. We also contribute to improving the environmental performance of finished products by supporting the manufacture of power devices, which are attracting attention for their use in electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and in energy-saving home appliances.