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This Business focuses on developing and manufacturing electric power equipment, which converts power voltages to a level suitable for the equipment and monitors and controls the voltage level to ensure a safe and efficient energy supply.

Our main customers include electric power infrastructure companies, such as operators of power plants and substations, water environment infrastructure companies, such as operators of waterworks facilities, and traffic infrastructure companies, such as operators of expressways and railways, as well as operators of large-scale facilities, such as plants, office buildings, and shopping malls.

Power capacitors designed for use by electric power companies have in recent years accounted for close to a 100% share of the domestic market, accordingly the company is called “Nissin for Power Capacitors.”

Recently, we have offered A(Advanced)-XAE substations, which are next-generation substations that achieve further reduction in size and construction period, environmental friendliness, and minimal energy cost, as 66/77 kV extra-high voltage substations for plants and office buildings. These substations contribute to stable supply of electric power and reducing the environmental impact while meeting customers’ needs, such as energy conservation, cost saving, and grid stabilization. We also focus on developing and spreading environmentally friendly products by shifting to insulating oils that have less impact on the ecosystem.

We also deploy products that meet growing social need around the world, such as the utilization of renewable energy, including solar and wind power, stabilization of electric power grids in line with the utilization of renewable energy, infrastructure development, and response to environmental pollution. To build the next-generation power transmission and distribution network (smart grid), we will promote the development of energy management systems that make effective use of distributed energy resources. We also contribute to stabilizing water quality by offering supervisory control systems for waterworks facilities.

Aiming for a Sustainable Future

A reliable supply of electricity is essential for stable economic activities and maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. Improving energy efficiency also helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and leads to energy security. Nissin Electric’s products and systems not only ensure a safe and stable supply of electricity, but also improve efficiency, which aids in the maintenance of energy infrastructure in Japan and abroad. In the environmental field, we also assist in the stable operation of water treatment facilities with a highly accurate control system and contribute to the comprehensive management of water resources by supporting.

In response to accelerating global warming, we develop highly biodegradable electrical insulating oils and apply them to our products. We also minimize consumption of SF6 gas, which is defined as a greenhouse gas, and offer a lineup of products that reduce electric power losses. Thus, we have been working to increase our range of environmentally friendly products.