Smart Power Supply Systems (SPSS) is our solution that meets various needs related to the use of electrical energy by taking full advantage of substation equipment, which is our core product, and grid connection technology, which has been refined through many years of operation.
Each customer faces different problems and has different needs, including contribution to realizing the SDGs and achieving carbon neutrality, enhancing environmental friendliness by introducing renewable energy and eco-friendly products, BCP measures to secure energy sources to ensure continuity of daily lives and business operations in the event of a disaster, and cost saving by cutting energy costs through energy conservation. These issues can be solved by SPSS, which is our energy solution.


We help factories and office buildings realize the optimal operation of energy and their needs. In addition to substation systems, we help provide optimal control of distributed energy resources (power generation, photovoltaic systems, storage battery systems, etc.) and a variety of items with ICT, contribute to reducing energy consumption, lowering costs, reducing CO2, and offering measures for voltage dips and BCP.


We respond to the need to connect the power plants and substations to power grids for customers including Power Producer and Supplier (PPS). We use our proprietary technology to interconnect the grid, and leverage our technology developed over the years and our rich expertise to contribute to electric power and power system stabilization.


Remote islands that get their power mainly from diesel generators have high electricity prices due to fuel transportation costs and have large CO2 emissions due to their dependence on fossil fuel. We contribute to the stable supply of power and higher usage rate of renewable energy of remote islands through a combination of power generation with renewable energy and storage batteries.


We provide energy solutions for water treatment facilities that reduce CO2 emissions using unused energy and save energy through optimal water treatment control where the reduction of CO2 emissions and BCP measures are required. We contribute to the construction of a healthy water environment.


We help to collect and visualize detailed energy information in homes, and make saving energy pleasant. Our aim is to create rich towns that are great places to live, and we are working to realize the development of a system of local generation and local consumption that levels out energy in an area.