Fine coating (physical vapor deposition [PVD]) systems coat the surface of tools, dies/molds, parts, etc. by evaporating metallic materials by arc discharge in vacuum. These can perform various coating by changing the metallic material and gas to form TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, CrN, DLC (diamond‐like carbon) films, etc. Optimal coating films can be chosen for respective applications. The films are hard and smooth, etc. and significantly extend the service life of tools, etc.

Besides the development and marketing of PVD coating equipment, we offer contract coating services through tie-ups with affiliates worldwide. Affiliate bases are equipped with Nissin Electric Fine Coating systems (the M-series) that can provide customers mainly in Asia and other regions with a wide range of coating services.
The following our group companies offer contract coating services. Our superior equipment, coating technology and know-how accumulated over years of experience allow us to offer high quality coating services that truly satisfy customers.

A Japan(Kyoto,Maebashi)
Nippon ITF Inc.

B China(Shenyang)
Nissin Advanced Coating(Shenyang)Co., Ltd.

C China(Tianjin)
Nissin Advanced Coating(Tianjin)Co.,Ltd.

D China(Wuxi)
Nissin Electric Wuxi Co., Ltd.

E Thailand(Pathumthani)
Nissin Electric(Thailand)Co., Ltd.

F India(Noida・Pune・Gujarat)
Nissin Advanced Coating Indo Co.,Private Ltd.

G Vietnam(Bac Ninh)
Nissin Electric Vietnam Co,. Ltd.

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