Bus duct which is mainly composed of metal enclosure, busbars and flexibles conductor has high flexibility in design and application of installation compared to power cables. Busduct can be installed in many kinds of field such as a modern building and an electrical substation with high reasonability and safety. Nissin Electric manufactures two types of bus duct system, and it enables to provide the stable power supplies wherever it is required.


We have two types of Non-Segregated Phase Bus duct (NSPB) shown as below;

  • Air Insulated Type Bus Duct (Applied from 0.6kVAC to 36kVAC)
  • Sandwich Type Bus Duct (Applied for low voltage application)

For more details, please see below Applicable Rating.


  Air Insulated Type Sandwich Type
Application Standard IEC 61439-1, IEC 61439-6,
IEC 60694, IEC 62271
IEC 61439-1, IEC 61439-6,
JIS C 8364
Rated Voltage 0.6kVAC~36kVAC 400VAC~1000VAC, 1500VDC
Rated Current Up to 6300A 400A up to 6300A
IP Degree Up to IP65
Enclosure Material Galvanized Steel with Painting
(Stainless Steel SUS304 as an option)
Conductor Material 98% Conductivity Copper /
59% Conductivity Aluminum
Conductor Insulation Heat Shrinkable Tube Class B 130℃ Polyester Film
(Thickness=0.25mm, 2 layer)

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