Supervisory control systems are used to monitor the operation condition of various types of equipment at important facilities that underpin the infrastructure (e.g., water and sewage systems, traffic and railway facilities, buildings, factories) and to give control commands as necessary. We offer a lineup of three series: “AQUAMATE” for water treatment, “HIWAYMATE” for roads, “FACTMATE” for buildings and industrial use.
Our lineup also includes “EneMon” (an EMS for visualization) and “ENERGYMATE-Factory” for optimal energy control to help achieve efficient consumption of electricity. We offer solutions to issues at customers such as ensuring stable supply of electricity and reducing energy consumption, cost, and CO2 emissions.


<Supervisory Control System>

Our supervisory control systems date back to the remote monitoring and control system developed in the 1950s. We have contributed to safe and secure equipment operation in various fields for more than 60 years.

”AQUAMATE” for waterworks

  • The system can be renewed and expanded in stages while utilizing the existing system.
  • Abnormalities can be monitored with the RAS function and ensures redundancy by duplication and RAID function.
  • The system can be expanded flexibly (e.g., remote monitoring and multi monitoring).

“HIWAYMATE” for roads

  • The system can be used in various transmission modes such as CDT, HDLC, and IP.
  • The system can manage about 100 or 200 facilities with more than 10,000 management points.
  • A risk-diversified system can be built by utilizing an IP network.

“FACTMATE” for buildings and industrial use

  • The system offers safe and secure solutions by 24-hour continuous monitoring, failsafe control, and whitelist, among other functions.
  • Convenient operation is achieved by the user-friendly graphic screen and an array of applications.
  • The system can be linked with the demand management function and energy management function to help reduce energy and electricity consumption.

<Energy Management Systems>

“EneMon” for visualization

  • The current status can be monitored using various analysis graphs. This helps identify waste and make improvements and reduce energy consumption.
  • The individual demand monitoring helps cut the peak electricity demand.
  • The information can be shared via website. This helps raise employees’ awareness.

“ENERGYMATE-Factory” for optimal energy control

  • The optimal control of distributed energy resources helps minimize the energy cost.
  • All the electricity receiving and transforming equipment and distributed energy resources, etc. can be monitored in an integrated manner. This helps reduce the workload of managers.
  • An optimal operation plan can be formulated based on 10-minute cycles (up to 48 hours).

Example of Utilization

Our supervisory control systems help achieve safe and secure operation of various urban infrastructure equipment.

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