Photovoltaic systems are clean because they do not emit CO2 during power generation. Each system consists of photovoltaic cell modules to convert sunlight to electrical energy (DC), power conditioners to convert the generated DC electricity to AC electricity and achieve interconnection (connection) with the commercial grid, and measurement and indication equipment to monitor and indicate the power generation condition and operation status, etc.


We offer various unique products and expertise as a heavy electric equipment manufacturer, including 66/77 kV compact gas insulated switchgear (GIS) that holds the top market share in Japan and an islanding phenomenon detection system that can detect islanding phenomenon based on the interharmonics current injection method regardless of the type and number of the dispersed energy resources.



Reliable detection of islanding phenomenon based on the interharmonics current injection method

This minimizes the influence on the grid. Grid connection can be protected even if multiple dispersed energy resources are installed. Islanding phenomenon can be detected quickly (in about one second) for any kind of dispersed energy resources.
A single islanding phenomemon detection system can cope with any number of power generators in a power plant.


Effective utilization of photovoltaic electricity by adding a storage battery system

A storage battery system added to a photovoltaic system helps eliminate the waste of power generation and consumption (e.g., stores the surplus electricity generated in a storage battery and consumes the electricity at night).
A storage battery system helps suppress the output and alleviate the output fluctuation when selling electricity, and also helps formulate a BCP for captive consumption.


Systems we have supplied

  • 100kW Power conditioner: 10 units
  • Monitoring & Measuring system(FACTMATE): 1 set
  • 34.5kV Substation equipment for grid-connected system: 1 set
  • Solar module, etc.: 1set

1MW Photovoltaic System

100kW Power Conditioner: 10 units

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