Vehicle recognition systems capture the license plates of moving vehicles using a camera, quickly scan various character information on the license plate based on image processing, and generate data. These systems also generate data of supplementary information other than the character information (e.g., vehicle type). The vehicle data is utilized by various vehicle management systems such as parking lot management, vehicle access control at gates, and traffic census.

*The vehicle recognition systems are designed for license plates in Japan only.


  • The recognition performance is among the top in the industry in various environmental conditions.
  • Scanning can be performed without installing a vehicle sensor separately.
  • The vehicle recognition systems feature lightweight and compact structures. Thus, they can be installed flexibly in respective installation conditions.
  • The lineup of the standalone type, pole installation type, separation type, etc. helps customers build flexible systems depending on their applications.
  • An array of installation adjustment tools helps achieve quick introduction.


  Self-standing Type Pole Installation Type Separation Type
Operation Environment Temperature 0~40℃ -10~45℃ -5~45℃
Humidity 20~90%
Power Source AC100V
Power Consumption 300VA or less 150VA or less 30VA or less
Size H900xW300x
Weight 65kg 15kg 5kg

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