Based on Nissin Electric’s electric power equipment manufacturing technology and know-how, we undertake integrated production of medium and small quantities of diverse parts in all fields, from material processing to assembly, and offer products of Japanese quality at local cost (Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar).


We have integrated production lines, from cutting and welding to surface treatment of materials at our respective subsidiary companies in Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. In addition to production at the optimal location depending on the needs, we propose solutions, including processing methods that take full advantage of local production, by taking into account the application, specifications, and supply destinations.

Production Case

  • Market Field
    Machine tools, FA equipment, Agricultural machinery, Construction machinery, Electrical equipment, Semiconductor equipment, Power system equipment, General machinery, Printing equipment, Automobile industry machinery, etc.

Power Conditioner Enclosure

Air Tight Tank

Drive Unit Frame

Stainless Steel High Vacuum Tank

Main Facilities

  • Pressing and Cutting
    Laser cutter / NC turret punch press / CNC gas cutting machine / Band saw / Crank press / Hydraulic press machine
  • Bending
    Press brake / Bending roller
  • Cutting Processing
    Double column type machining center / Vertical machining center / Horizontal machining center / CNC lathe and more
  • Welding
    MIG welding / TIG welding / Arc welding / Brazing / Welding robot
  • Surface treatment
    Automated powder coating line / Solvent coating booth / Silk screening / Zinc, silver plating /
    PVD coating

Turret Punch Press

Press Brake

Automatic Lathe

Horizontal Machining Center