About NissinOur Philosophy

The Nissin Electric Group supplies a wide range of products and services that support well-rounded social and industrial infrastructure, with an emphasis on power system and energy equipment. We will constantly create products and technologies essential for the world by leveraging our proprietary high voltage, vacuum, as well as monitoring and control technologies developed over the course of our more than 100-year history.

Group Slogan

Forge a bright future for both people and technology

Nissin Electric Group

Corporate Philosophy

Through corporate activities that support the foundations of society and industry, the Nissin Electric Group will harmonize with the environment and contribute toward realizing a vibrant society.

Principles of Activities

Integrity, Trust and Long-term Relationships

We take the following Five Trusts as the principles of our activities.

Customer Trust

Customer Trust
We provide reliable, high-quality products and services that are useful to customers. This will facilitate our efforts to enhance our technologies, which are the source of value delivered to customers. In addition, the Company commits itself to providing constantly dependable services in order to foster long-term relationships with customers.

Shareholder Trust

Shareholder Trust
We exert efforts to provide appropriate dividends and to enhance the net share value for our shareholders, who are the financial supporters of the Nissin Electric Group.

Societal Trust

Societal Trust
We comply with law and other social codes, seek to coexist with the natural environment, and strive to maintain a good relationship with the local community in order to fulfill our obligation as a responsible member of society.

Partner Trust

Partner Trust
We place a strong emphasis on our relationships with our business partners. In our pursuit of growth, we remain committed to dealing with our partners in an honest and fair manner.

Employee mutual Trust

Employee Mutual Trust
It is we, the employees, who are the source of Trust. In our business activities, we highly-motivated employees cooperate with each other in order to achieve a stable life, to find meaning in life, and to encourage personal development of all employees.

Business Mindset

“Venture Spirit” fostered since our founding

 The spirit to develop a future with high ambitions and a passion for constantly taking up challenges

The spirit of “New Each Day” embedded in our company name

 The unwavering spirit to seek something new each day and make constant efforts toward one’s goals

Open-mindedness and the ability to digest different cultures and technologies

 The spirit to accept different things and eventually internalize them

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