About NissinCompany Outline

Corporate Data

Company Name Nissin Electric Co., Ltd.
Founded April 11, 1917
Head Office 47, Umezu-Takase-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 615-8686, Japan
Stated Capital 10,252,845,127 yen
Employees 5,008 (As of end of March 2018, consolidated)
1,890 (As of end of March 2018, non-consolidated)
Issued Shares 107,832,445
Stock code 6641 (First section of Tokyo Stock Exchange)

Items of Business

Manufacture and sale of the following electrical equipment and instruments

Power System Equipment Business Gas Insulated Switchgear
Circuit Breakers
Instrument Transformers
Charged Beam Equipment and
Processing Business
Ion Implanter for Semiconductor
Ion Implanter for FPD
Electron beam Processing System
Electron beam Processing Service
Thin-film Coating Equipment
Thin-film Coating Service
Renewable Energy and
Environment Business
Photovoltaic System
Power Conditioners for Photovoltaic System
Voltage Dip Compensators
Supervisory Control System
Supervisory Control System for Waterworks
Vehicle Recognition System
Life Cycle Engineering Business Installation, adjustment, inspection and maintenance for the above businesses

Net sales

FY3/ 2016 113,618
FY3/ 2017 126,910
FY3/ 2018 127,003

The above figures are consolidated ones (Unit: Million Yen)

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