About NissinHistory

1910 Founded as Nissin Kogyo by Nobu Tomizawa.

Nobu Tomizawa, the founder

Distribution board supplied to substation in Kyoto
1917Incorporated as Nissin Electric Co., Ltd. 
1937Began cooperation with Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Kyoto works at Umezu in 1938
1945Took over the capacitor production business of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
Oil filled capacitors in 1945
1963Built the Maebashi works.
Maebashi works in 1963
1968Built new works at Kuze and Kujo. 
1970Started business of charged particle accelerators, and established Nissin High Voltage.
(2003, NHV Corporation, took over the business of Nissin High Voltage.)
1980Established Nissin Denki Shouji Co., Ltd. for the sale of electrical equipment and machinery. 
1984Established Nissin Systems Co., Ltd. for the design and sales of computer software. 
1987Established Nissin Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Can type capacitors manufactured in Thailand

Winding work in Thailand
1991Established Nissin Allis Electric Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
Medium voltage gas insulated switchgear in Taiwan
1995 Established Wuxi Nissin Electric Co., Ltd. in China.
(2004, merged with Nissin Electric Wuxi Power Capacitor Co., Ltd., and changed the name to Nissin Electric (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.)
1999Established Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd. within Kuze works for the manufacture, installation, and servicing of ion implanter.
Ion implanter
2001Established Nissin Electric Wuxi Power Capacitor Co., Ltd. in China. (2004, Changed the name to Nissin Electric (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.)
Tank type capacitor manufactured in Wuxi
Established Beijing Beikai Nissin Electric HV Switchgear Equipment Co., Ltd. in China.
(2006, Changed the name to Beijing Hongda Nissin Electric Co., Ltd.)

Groundbreaking ceremony at Beijing
2002Established Nissin Electric Wuxi Co., Ltd. in China.
Shipping first-made gas insulated voltage transformer at Wuxi
2005Nippon ITF Inc., an affiliated company conducting thin-film coating services, became a subsidiary of Nissin.
Thin-film coating service
Established Nissin Ion Equipment Co., Ltd., Shiga Plant/Plasma Technology R&D Center.

Established Nissin Advanced Coating Indo Co., Ltd.

(2015, Changed the name to Nissin Advanced Coating Indo Co., Private Ltd.)

Became a consolidated subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. 
2010 Established Nissin Ion Equipment USA, Inc. 
2011Established Nissin Ion Hightech (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. in China. 
Established NHV Accelerator Technologies Shanghai in China.
2015 Established Nissin Heartful Friend Co., Ltd. in oeder to promote the employment of people with disabilities  

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