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Static Var Compensator

Thyristor Q Compensator(TQC) was the first of its kind in the world, developed in 1973 for extra-high voltage applications. We have since shipped this product to many customers throughout Japan. In addition to compensating for voltage flicker caused by power systems, it also has the advantages of harmonic current compensation and power factor improvement. This helps prevent flickering of lighting and stoppages of equipment such as invertors.


1. High speed response
Much faster than other methods: response of 5 seconds or less.
2. Stepless, continuous compensation
By thyristor phase control method.
3. Low operating loss
Operating power loss is much less than that of the equivalent synchronous condenser, which results in saving the power expenses.
4. Improvement of power factor and distortion wave
By the use of capacitors for harmonics absorption and power factor improvement.
5. Easy operation and maintenance
By the use of our well-known and trusted oil filled equipment and thyristor devices.
6. Economical
TQC will be able to be installed in parallel, according to the load increasing in the future.
7. No limitation for installation site
More economical when compared with other forms of suppression , for an example, grade up of line voltage.
Outline Dimensions
Capacity [MVA] W [mm] D [mm] H [mm]
10 15,000 12,000 3,800
20 17,000 15,000 4,200
30 18,000 18,000 4,600
50 20,000 18,000 5,000

Note: Above estimates are given for equipment up to 100 MVA


  • Phase Number:3
  • Frequency:50Hz or 60Hz
  • Voltage:below 154kV

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