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Ever since our success in developing power conditioners for Photovoltaic Systems under the "Sunshine Project", our Photovoltaic Systems have been supplied to numerous customers, acquiring good reputations. We will continue our efforts towards developing even higher quality Photovoltaic Systems, an effective means to curb global warming.

In October 2012, we supplied a 1MW Photovoltaic System, the largest system in Latin America, to Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad and the system began operation in the same month.
In Costa Rica, with a bountiful natural environment, more than 90% of electricity is supplied by natural energy such as geothermal, wind-power or hydropower generation. It is expected that the introduction of Photovoltaic System will further increase the supply capacity of environmentally-friendly electricity, and contribute to the reduction in CO2 emissions.


Grid Connected Photovoltaic System
Generates greenhouse gas-free clean energy.
No fuel required: As long as there is sunshine, power can be generated.
Because it is a static source of power generation, maintenance is simple.
Power Conditioner
With a wide range of input voltage of operation, high conversion efficiency is available irrespective of season, weather or time of day.
MW class Photovoltaic System is achieved by parallel operation of multiple units.
Centralized data monitoring and measuring system is constructed by a communication facility (RS-485)

Systems we have supplied

100kW Power conditioner: 10 units
Monitoring & Measuring system(FACTMATE): 1 set
34.5kV Substation equipment for grid-connected system: 1 set
Solar module, etc.: 1set

1MW Photovoltaic System

100kW Power Conditioner: 10 units

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