Supplying to Nissin
- Supplying to Nissin

Supplying to NissinSupplying to Nissin

Basic principles

Nissin Electric stands on the principles of fairness and equal opportunity, and we are always open to quality business transactions without making judgments based on nationality, business size, or the existence or lack of past dealings.

Nissin's criteria for determination prior to initiating business dealings are as follows:

  • 1. The stability of management
  • 2. The ability to deliver the required specifications, quality, and performance
  • 3. Price competitiveness
  • 4. Delivery and other response capabilities
  • 5. Maintenance and service organization
  • 6. Green procurement capabilities (e.g. Acquisition of EMS, Environmental Management System)
  • 7. Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

CSR Procurement

The Nissin Electric Group aims to contribute to creating a better society and environment through our business with a firm awareness of our social responsibility. To this end, the suppliers that directly or indirectly provide their products and services for us are also required to work on the activities together with us. Therefore, we have summarized our requests to the suppliers of the Nissin Electric Group in these guidelines, and the suppliers are requested to promote compliance with them. Our suppliers are also asked to request their suppliers to comply with the guidelines.

Green Procurement

We feel it is important to recognize throughout our corporate management that the preservation of the global environment is an important issue common to all humankind.

Our role at Nissin Electric is to contribute in any way possible to global environmental protection through our products and technology. Based on the basic philosophy, "acting in consideration of environmental preservation and harmony in every area of our business activities for the future of the Earth and humankind", we always act in consideration of environmental preservation and environmental harmony all the aspects of our corporate activity. This includes our involvement in the development of new technology and products that will be effective in environmental conservation, such as clean energy, saving energy and controlling exhaust, the organization of special action committees for saving energy, saving resources, and recycling, and our positive participation in tackling environmental problems.

To that end, our procurement activities place priority on the purchase of products and service that place minimal load on the environment, and we have created our "BASIC GUIDELINES FOR GREEN PROCUREMENT" in order to promote "green procurement" that aims at reducing and eliminating the use of hazardous chemical substances.

Procurement department of Nissin Electric and its affiliates intend to promote the green procurement activity based on the Guidelines and in cooperation with our suppliers.

We appreciate your understanding of the importance and cooperation in implementing measures towards protecting the global environments.

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